​Training Solutions


MMI Consulting Group provides seamless training solutions to our Clients. Improving the overall performance, efficiency and quality of our Clients’ human capital and knowledge transfer sectors. We provide: Curriculum and Instructional System Design; Training and E-Solutions; Microsoft Office; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementations; Executive Coaching; Change Management; and Ad-Hoc solutions aligning with our Clients’ objectives.


MMI develops and designs training using the industry-recognized instructional systems design ADDIE methodology. This model is coupled with an understanding of human performance principles, innovative technology applications, and MMI’s proven processes to ensure quality and measurable outcomes. Adhering to Government and industry proven ADL SCORM® and Section 508 standards.

Health Services​


MMI provides communication and social marketing subject-matter expertise in developing health products (print, electronic, media/broadcast, and educational materials) that are accurate, culturally sensitive, and audience appropriate making them highly impactful.


MMI’s Health Informatic solutions supports our clients ability to track and extrapolate health/patient data from many sources and retrieve this information quickly.

Information Technology​


MMI offers a full range of IT services that enhance the functionality and performance of clients’ computing resources and networks. In addition to improving data access and output, speed, and security, MMI enables clients to save money and time and attain full advantage of the technology they use.

​Financial Management


MMI Consulting Group provides high-impact financial management support to our strategic partners. We understand that financial management is far more than just dollars and cents and decimal points.

MMI Consulting Group leverages our expertise providing consulting support to assist making resource decisions in a declining and restrained budget world. Our efforts improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of financial operations, as well as increase the level of accountability and compliance with laws, regulations, and guidance throughout the Federal Government.

Corporate Development


MMI provides transformational corporate development to our strategic partners. From planning thru execution of a wide range of strategies to meet specific organizational objectives.


MMI Consulting Group executes initiatives such as recruitment of new management teams, plans for phasing in or out of certain markets or products, considering a partner for a strategic alliance, establishing relationships with strategic business partners, identifying companies, increasing intellectual property assets, etc.

Operations Management


MMI provides dependable and actionable management support to our strategic partners. MMI’s collaborative methods enrich operational management services through technical innovation, consistent operational procedures, continuous process improvement, and team transformation.

MMI Consulting Group provides support to ensure that Federal Programs are focused, executing, and reporting “real” results to senior management and the American public.